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Climate Cynicism: Do you have to be rich to live sustainably?

This is a question which endlessly floats around me. I see plenty of well meaning people, particularly on social media, who suggest buying bamboo toothbrushes, shopping at the local farm shop, and only buying your coffee beans from independent roasteries, and so on. As pure as the intentions might be here, I can’t help butContinue reading “Climate Cynicism: Do you have to be rich to live sustainably?”

Art and Artist: Can we separate them?

If Hitler had created a masterpiece, would be be able to appreciate it despite his atrocities? I discuss whether it’s moral to separate an evil artist from their art.

Worst Case Scenario: Stoicism

This year’s been tough on us all. Take a look at stoicism as a remedy to all the uncertainty – it’s easy to implement, and has some very sound logic behind it – tried and tested by the Greeks.

Shambles: Foreign Languages in UK Schools

The UK seems to neglect foreign languages like no other. Have a read about why this could be so impactful for Britain’s youth, and why remedying it would improve life for us all.